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  • Honor Speaker and Guest - Norfolk Academy - Norfolk VA
  • Host of the Mid Atlantic Black Film Festival - Nofolk VA
  • Executive Producer of Pavaline Studios - NY -
  • Oscar Night - Virginia 2007, Urban League Award Recipient
  • Disilgold Soul Magazine Awards - March 26, 2005
  • YOUnity Guild Award Winner for "Best Producer, Director and Actor" in a docudrama
  • Audience Award Winner in the Am'fra Festival Virginia
  • Best of the African Diaspora Film Festival at the Brooklyn Academy of Music
  • Official Selections:

  • Aluta Film Festival - South Africa
  • Gaffer Film Festival - Sacramento CA
  • Best of the African Diaspora Film Festival - BAM - Brooklyn NY
  • Palm Beach Int'l Film Festival
  • Urban Literary Film Festival, North Carolina
  • Cape May New Jesey State Film Festival
  • African Diaspora Film Festival, New York
  • Pan African Film Festival (LA and Atlanta)
  • Black History Showcase (Philadelphia PA)
  • The Black Independent Film Festival (Atlanta)

Who's Who

Arthur! A Celebration of Life

How moving, informative and absolutely a well-done docudrama (considering the budget!) that you have poured so much heart and soul into. You should be proud, because I certainly am of YOU! Kudos for a job well done! It has just as much storytelling, drama, compelling compositions, romance, love for life and sportmanship than any other major film that I can think of. This proves yet again that the "independent film spirit" still lives within us all! You should know that this has proven that you have vision and can execute as a producer, writer and director. What's next!

Isaiah Washington

I was deeply deeply moved when I saw the trailer and listen to the beautiful soundtrack.

Prince Albert of Monaco

I'm very proud of Joe. I've heard wonderful things about the film and I can't wait to sit down and watch it and be moved.

Alicia Keys

People who viewed the docudrama was highly impressed with Joe James portrayal of the legendary tennis star Arthur Ashe.

Eugene L. Scott
Founder and Publisher
Tennis Week Magazine

I had to meet Joe personally and told him it was a incredible gesture to take time to honor a great man.

Jene Elzie
Vice President, Programming
The Tennis Channel

I was pleased when I saw that he had acknowledge Arthur in a Celebration tribute.

Former Mayor of New York City - David Dinkins

I loved the docudrama and Joe's writing. It was very well done and a great tribute.

Princess Tair Al-Saud Hollander

Thanks for allowing us to view the film. Nice job - I can see the passion you have for Arthur Ashe.

Kenneth Mattucci - Madison Square Gardens Media

Jalen Stewart I'm very proud of my god-father Joe and all that he is doing to teach us about our history.

Jalen Stewart (actor/model)