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DINK Entertainment
P.O. Box 2570
New York, NY 10108

Arthur! Celebration of Life Arthur Ashe (Lead) IND (Director Joe James)
Law & Order Criminal Intent School Principal USA/NBC
Damages Orderly #1 FX
Gossip Girl Bartender CW
30 Rock D.C Security #1 NBC
Under Five on soaps - All My Children, Guiding Light, One Live to Live and As The World Turns
Another Life Monroe Lassiter (Contract role) FamilyChannel
Side By Side TV Charles Walker (series regular) Unitel
Sesame Street Gordon's Father/recurring PBS
America's Most Wanted Tommy Williams (guest star) FOX
The Prosecutors Larry Hoover (guest star) Discovery Channel
Unsolved Mysteries Doctor (guest star) NBC
God's Trombones Prodigal Son(Lead) CBN
Steppin Coach Jones (co-star) IND
Other Lives Lawrence (co-star) (Director David Speranza)
Harlem Fantasy Waiter (co-star) (Director Aleta Chapelle)
Si' Laraby Drunk Legion Troop (Jason Hernandez Ronsenblatt)
On the One Choir Member (Charles Randolph Wright)
American Gangsters Nicky's Right Hand Man Ridley Scott
Pride and Glory Internal Affairs Officer Gavan O'Conner
Hope & Faith Tommy ABC
O Brother Where Art Thou? Chain Gang (voice)  
Cecil B. Demente Movie Patron (voice) (Director John Waters)
Malcolm X Shooter (voice)  
A Kiss Before Dying Bell Boy (voice)  
Barton Fink Mailman (voice)  
Pelican Brief Runner (voice)  
Criminal Justice Prisoner/Mugger (voice)  
G Partygoer (voice)  
Bonfires of the Vanity Mechanic (voice)  
Dogfight Sailor (voice)  
Analyze That Club Owner (voice)  
Soulful Scream of a Chosen Son Neville Vineyard Theatre
Revolution Priestly Ernie Martin Theatre
Wake Up Lou Riser Owen Kaylor Horace Mann Theatre
For The Love of Jazz Duck Chrysler Theatre
Fences Cory Riverview Playhouse
Midsummer's Night Dream Puck Center Theatre
Puppet Master Boy Puppet Brendan Theatre
Miss Ever's Boys Caleb Center Theatre
Hiram & Nettie Jonas Douglas Wilder Theatre
Tennis Player, Boxing, Roller Skating, All Sports, Professional Dancer & Model
Am'fra Festival - 2005, Best of the African Diaspora Film Festival 2006, Oscar Night - Virginia - Urban League Award Recipient - 2007, Younity Guild Award for Best Producer, Director and Actor of a Docudrama (Arthur! A Celebration of Life)
Soul Baby (novel)
Soul Baby (screenplay)
Truest of Friends (screenplay)
Arthur! A Celebration of Life (docudrama)
Adapted the play, "The Fifth" into a screenplay with writing partner David Allensworth, and created a game show that we are currently shopping in Hollywood